Ex-Detainees Speak at 1,000+ Yarl’s Wood Protest

[Image description: “No Human Is Illegal” cardboard sign held up against Yarl’s Wood detention center gates, among many hands and tops of heads, with pink smoke billowing in the background] Content note: discussion of institutional racism and non-graphic mentions sexual & gendered violence “Shut down … Continue readingEx-Detainees Speak at 1,000+ Yarl’s Wood Protest

“Bisexual Banter” Episode 2: Identity

[Image description: Black television (turned off) embedded into a wall which is painted purple on the top and red on the bottom, divided by a horizontal white line] Catch me on youtube talking about bisexuality and identity labels: I still identify as “bisexual”; it’s a … Continue reading“Bisexual Banter” Episode 2: Identity

“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

[Image description: Uncurved rainbow against blue sky connects horizon of blue river with greenery at the bottom and the same river flipped upside down at the top] Bisexual Banter is a web TV series by Verity Ritchie about bisexuals which aims to increase bi visibility … Continue reading“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

The unnoticed need for masculine spaces

[Image description: Arnold Schwarzenegger as a young body-builder posing and flexing against an abstract cyan and forest green background] Gendered spaces are everywhere. In our patriarchal society masculinity is “default”, and lots of spaces are already masculine-only. These spaces are cesspools of machoism and competition. Because masculinity is … Continue readingThe unnoticed need for masculine spaces

Review: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

[Image description: Black and white shot of an actor in masc clothing with a donkey’s head, and a femme actor in ethereal wispy white clothes sitting together in a forest] Last week the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, London put on a wonderful queer take on … Continue readingReview: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Reflections on Trans Academia panel

Content note: institutional transphobia; Islamophobia; sexual assault mention   Details Tuesday 17 November 2015,  1900–2100 Main Building, City University, London From the facebook event page: “This panel explores some of the complexities of transgender and academia as they intersect” Host: Sahra Ray Taylor (she/her) Panel: Natacha Kennedy … Continue readingReflections on Trans Academia panel