Personal projects

Plant Dad, “Pansy” // 2017

Queer songs about trauma and gender and love and ugliness, written during a spring of heartbreak and homelessness. Buy a cassette.

Review in G U T L E SS issue 15: “At its heart, Pansy has a message of universality which is heartbreakingly rendered and beautifully fashioned, it possess a desire to document experience and it leads the way in being a release that draws some much needed attention to issues which we, as a society, do our level best to seemingly ignore.” Read the full issue.

Tradescantia zebrina // 2017

Cellotronik collaboration with Kevin Sanders aka hairdryer excommunication

Review by radio free midwich: “a master-class in enigmatic sound”

In The Forest / Dorian Fantasy // 2015

North Korean folk music, arranged for two cellos (both played by me).

Music From Abuse, Abridged // 30 July 2014

Iffy pop music made in the boring chaos of trauma and abuse. Performance in many layers. Tracks 1, 2, & 4 feature my abusive then-boyfriend, Charles Potashner. We made a lot more music together between 2011–2014 but I’m not interested in sharing it.

Guest recordings

Tsinder Ash // “Garnets”, from Offerings // cello // 29 August 2017

Abi Robins // Such A Mess tracks 3, 7, & 8 // cello // 27 February 2013