“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

[Image description: Uncurved rainbow against blue sky connects horizon of blue river with greenery at the bottom and the same river flipped upside down at the top] Bisexual Banter is a web TV series by Verity Ritchie about bisexuals which aims to increase bi visibility … Continue reading“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

Review: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

[Image description: Black and white shot of an actor in masc clothing with a donkey’s head, and a femme actor in ethereal wispy white clothes sitting together in a forest] Last week the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, London put on a wonderful queer take on … Continue readingReview: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Coming Out Day

Since you already know that I’m trans and queer (and also gay), let’s talk about basic civil rights struggles the LGBTQIA community still faces: Housing and employment discrimination Direct violence at the hands of lovers, family, and strangers “Trans panic” defense Higher incarceration rates and … Continue readingComing Out Day

“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

Here are some photos by Claudia Moroni from the queer fashion show I modeled in. Our runway show was directed by Krishna Istha, who is one of my favorite people. Boi fashion is more than a dapper suit. Boihood confuses binaries and fucks with gender. On this night … Continue reading“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

The Trans-Queer Fear Of Appearing Heteronormative

I wrote a piece for queer London magazine The Most Cake about trans and queer assimilations into heteronormativity: When trans people first come out, there’s a societal expectation that their gender expression will be traditionally masculine/feminine in line with their newly declared gender identity. Social … Continue readingThe Trans-Queer Fear Of Appearing Heteronormative

“The Space In Between”

I’m pleased to have been featured in my friend Lucy Brydon’s short film, The Space In Between. The 4 minute short shows me getting dressed in a mundane, unsensational fashion while I talk about trans/gender. The film has been selected to show at BAFTA and the Aesthetica Short Film … Continue reading“The Space In Between”