The Koreas, Bastion of Cold War Realism

In which I reluctantly defend neorealism as a grand theory applicable to the security situation in North East Asia: Rather than asserting that realism or its offshoots are the ultimate International Relations grand theories, I suggest that neorealism remains a crucial aspect of IR security … Continue readingThe Koreas, Bastion of Cold War Realism

Tongsin | 통신 no. 4: War Games and the Sewol Sinking

Morgan Potts’ regular feature on Sino-NK enters its fourth edition. The latest Tongsin for March–May 2014 examines the DPRK response to US-ROK war games and the Sewol disaster, in which the North attempts to illustrate a united Sino-DPRK perspective that is both anti-American and anti-South Korean. … Continue readingTongsin | 통신 no. 4: War Games and the Sewol Sinking

North-East Asian ADIZs

South Korea declared yesterday that it is expanding its Air Defense Identification Zone to include the submerged Ieodo rock, overlapping China’s ADIZ, to take effect on 2013-12-15. The South Korean announcement comes as a reaction and condemnation of China’s ADIZ, announced last month. Beijing has expressed regret. … Continue readingNorth-East Asian ADIZs

US-ROK-Japan Trilateral Naval Exercises

The USS George Washington is an American nuclear-powered supercarrier with the capacity to accommodate up to 80 aircraft. Its flight deck is 4.5 acres, its anchors weigh 3 tonnes each, and it’s generally considered to be a floating military base. The ship moored at South … Continue readingUS-ROK-Japan Trilateral Naval Exercises

“Tailored Deterrence”

At the 45th Security Consultative Meeting this past week, US Defense Secretary Hagel and South Korean Minister of Defense Kim Kwan Jin announced a bilateral “tailored deterrence” strategy regarding the North. The Joint Communiqué released after the meeting states that the two nations “reaffirmed” their alliance … Continue reading“Tailored Deterrence”