Reflections on Trans Academia panel

Content note: institutional transphobia; Islamophobia; sexual assault mention   Details Tuesday 17 November 2015,  1900–2100 Main Building, City University, London From the facebook event page: “This panel explores some of the complexities of transgender and academia as they intersect” Host: Sahra Ray Taylor (she/her) Panel: Natacha Kennedy … Continue readingReflections on Trans Academia panel

Coming Out Day

Since you already know that I’m trans and queer (and also gay), let’s talk about basic civil rights struggles the LGBTQIA community still faces: Housing and employment discrimination Direct violence at the hands of lovers, family, and strangers “Trans panic” defense Higher incarceration rates and … Continue readingComing Out Day

“Real Life Experience” with trans healthcare in the UK

The wait time for an initial appointment with the Gender Identity Clinic in Charing Cross is about 12 months. In that appointment the doctor is supposed to verify your gender identity and pathologize your personal history, and five months later you’re given another appointment during … Continue reading“Real Life Experience” with trans healthcare in the UK

“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

Here are some photos by Claudia Moroni from the queer fashion show I modeled in. Our runway show was directed by Krishna Istha, who is one of my favorite people. Boi fashion is more than a dapper suit. Boihood confuses binaries and fucks with gender. On this night … Continue reading“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

The Trans-Queer Fear Of Appearing Heteronormative

I wrote a piece for queer London magazine The Most Cake about trans and queer assimilations into heteronormativity: When trans people first come out, there’s a societal expectation that their gender expression will be traditionally masculine/feminine in line with their newly declared gender identity. Social … Continue readingThe Trans-Queer Fear Of Appearing Heteronormative

In Pursuit of Trans Healthcare: the NHS Psych Eval

The exchange between myself and an NHS psychologist during a “psychological evaluation” (psych eval); one of several bureaucratic hurdles on the way to gaining access to trans healthcare via the NHS. The conversation is abridged but quotes are verbatim. … Continue readingIn Pursuit of Trans Healthcare: the NHS Psych Eval

“The Space In Between”

I’m pleased to have been featured in my friend Lucy Brydon’s short film, The Space In Between. The 4 minute short shows me getting dressed in a mundane, unsensational fashion while I talk about trans/gender. The film has been selected to show at BAFTA and the Aesthetica Short Film … Continue reading“The Space In Between”