“Bisexual Banter” Episode 2: Identity

[Image description: Black television (turned off) embedded into a wall which is painted purple on the top and red on the bottom, divided by a horizontal white line] Catch me on youtube talking about bisexuality and identity labels: I still identify as “bisexual”; it’s a … Continue reading“Bisexual Banter” Episode 2: Identity

“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

[Image description: Uncurved rainbow against blue sky connects horizon of blue river with greenery at the bottom and the same river flipped upside down at the top] Bisexual Banter is a web TV series by Verity Ritchie about bisexuals which aims to increase bi visibility … Continue reading“Bisexual Banter” Episode 1: Non-Monogamy

Review: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

[Image description: Black and white shot of an actor in masc clothing with a donkey’s head, and a femme actor in ethereal wispy white clothes sitting together in a forest] Last week the Arcola Theatre in Dalston, London put on a wonderful queer take on … Continue readingReview: Shakesqueer’d A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Star Trek: The Next Generation is too straight (and racist)

As a relatively new fan to Star Trek, I’ve been playfully admonished for enjoying the camp and queer-baiting The Original Series (never mind the primitive shaky-cam special effects); I’ve also been told that I would much prefer Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard to William Shatner’s over-acted … Continue readingStar Trek: The Next Generation is too straight (and racist)

Solidarity action with migrants at St. Pancras

About 250–300 people took direct action to block the Eurostar departure gates at St Pancras last Friday night in solidarity with the migrants and refugees in Calais and detention centers in the UK and across the EU. Activists blocked the departure gates and passengers were stopped … Continue readingSolidarity action with migrants at St. Pancras

“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

Here are some photos by Claudia Moroni from the queer fashion show I modeled in. Our runway show was directed by Krishna Istha, who is one of my favorite people. Boi fashion is more than a dapper suit. Boihood confuses binaries and fucks with gender. On this night … Continue reading“Queer Experiments: Fashion”

Photos from the Calais Solidarity Festival fundraiser #1

The Calais Solidarity Festival was organized by The London Latinx, Food Not Bombs, the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), Convoy For Calais, Refugee Youth, and others. From the first fundraiser’s facebook event page: Calais Solidarity Festival, taking place in mid-late October (Date TBC) is aiming … Continue readingPhotos from the Calais Solidarity Festival fundraiser #1