About Morgan

I’m an angry anarchist queer and theorist who writes about gender and violence, and accountability. I co-run a support group for men (trans, intersex, and cis) and non-binary people who have experienced sexual violence, and a queer boxing group.

My writing has been featured in wonderful queer zines, and (less excitingly) The Guardian and Morning Star—here’s a full list of my publications. I give lectures at universities, GUM clinics, and sex parties, and I’ve appeared in films shown at BAFTA and BFI festivals, and in web television on youtube and Sky News.

At the London School of Economics I bought earned an MSc (Hons) in International Relations Theory, but I never fit in there. My academic background is in North Korean nuclear deterrence politics; my recent research has focused on queer/trans theory in international politics. My other research interests include anarchism, alternatives to capitalism, and queer media studies.

I’m also a musician, photographer, and an accidental model. I’m trans and non-binary (he/him pronouns). I am from Denver, Colorado and live in south London.

Some things I really like: gender variance, Star Trek TOS and TAS, retro futurism, mixtapes, public transportation, playing Bach, vegan cooking, high ISO, and the internet (except the comments).

About this website


All text and original photographs on this site are under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. If you cross-post my content, please let me know because it makes me happy to see it being shared!

If you have inquiries about buying the rights to any of my work, please get in touch.

Header photographs

The photograph of me throwing “CARL ANDRE KILLED ANA MENDIETA” flyers in the Tate Modern was taken by Emily Benington (you can read about that action here). The photograph of me next to a large palm was taken by Christopher Gill. The photograph of me in a black suit against a pale blue background was taken by David Stewart. All other header images are my own.