Photos from the Calais Solidarity Festival fundraiser #1

The Calais Solidarity Festival was organized by The London Latinx, Food Not Bombs, the London Action Resource Centre (LARC), Convoy For Calais, Refugee Youth, and others. From the first fundraiser’s facebook event page:

Calais Solidarity Festival, taking place in mid-late October (Date TBC) is aiming to work with people in Calais to transform the camps – which some refer to as “The Jungle” – into a celebratory festival to honour the people of Calais, their journeys, power and resistance. The festival will run a weekend full of music and art performances, capoeira and music workshops, hand-cooked meals, and other activities to be confirmed at a later date. We will also be delivering supplies (clothing, toiletries, first aid materials, etc) and non-perishable food.

The event was packed with at least 100 people, and raised over £400.

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